pt. 4

from by Brian Scott



You’ve got to
Love yourself (x a few times)

With my elbows black and blue
I’m feeling good
Pushing through the neighborhood
That I know from youth
But you know all I want to do
Is dance with you
And for a moment that is true
Yes I love to move
But I’m older than I feel
(and I’ve been falling on my face x4)
I’ve got work to do
Yes I’m older than I feel
I’ve got shit to do x4

But I don’t let it get me down

You think I’m bluffing
That I’ve got nothing
Well let me tell you I can’t waste my time with doubt I’ve been there for too long
(I’m tired of playing fuckin games)
And if there’s something
(I’m tired of livin in my brain)
You think I’m missing
Show me what it is I’m not aware of everything that’s in my head
But I got my ears
(all my senses now)
and I’ve got my mind
(I just want to know)
How is your life x2
Are you filled with pride x2
Oh you know you should be
Cause everybody’s done some shit
(like me)
Don’t you know we’re not perfect
(not me)
oh you know that you can’t waste your time with doubt oh if you don’t love yourself you done fucked up
(oh you are not alone, oh no)

cause you’re alright
like I am fine
the day it is mine

and it is alright
if you don’t feel fine
what is on your mind
let me help you unwind
yes it is alright
if you don’t feel fine
what is on your mind
let me help you unwind

cause everybody feels this way
yeah everybody feels this way
I love you just like yesterday
You don’t have to hide away
Cause everybody feels this way


from AD EP, released August 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Brian Scott Seattle, Washington

Brian Scott is a composer/songwriter/musician. He will write you music if you want him to.

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